Open letter to the Archbishops of Uppsala and Canterbury

Open letter to Anders Wejryd, Archbishop of Uppsala and Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

As Anglican clergy and lay people, we were dismayed to see that there was no official representation from the Church of England or any other Anglican church from the British Isles at the service of consecration of Eva Brunne as Bishop of Stockholm and of Tuulikki Koivunen Bylund as Bishop of Härnösand.

Open letter [PDF].

An Acceptable Sacrifice? Homosexuality and the Church (book)

Edited by Duncan Dormor and Jeremy Morris (SPCK, 2007)

This is a collection of essays by an interdisciplinary group of Cambridge authors. A TLS review by John Habgood commended this ‘intelligent and wide-ranging guide’. The key passages from scripture are considered carefully in context.

Memories of Bliss (book)

Jo Ind (SCM, 2003)

This account of a personal journey is a powerful repudiation of a traditional view that there is a given meaning in any kind of sexual expression. Affirming the bodily and the spiritual, it recognizes as absolute only the love of God, neighbour and self. It is a resource for all struggling to hold together their sexual drive and their religious faith.

Listening to Gay Men and Women’s Experience within the Church (DVD &c.)

DVD and study booklet produced by the Diocese of York

This material was produced in the Diocese of York to further the Lambeth listening process. It has already facilitated deep discussion and mutual support within the Diocese. This process is ongoing. At present this material may not be available outside the Diocese of York.

If you would like more information, please contact York Diocesan House on 01904 699500.

Listening for the truth in love (pack)

A pack of material to enable the Worcester Diocesan Listening Process on Human Sexuality.

This can be downloaded free of charge. The study material is clear and straightforward and contains guidance for group leaders without specific expertise. It includes different approaches to the ‘hard texts’ of Scripture, as well as worship material. The emphasis is on growing in faith.

Living it Out: A Survival Guide… (book)

Living it Out: A Survival Guide for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Christians and Their Friends, Families and Churches, edited by Rachel Hagger-Holt and Sarah Hagger-Holt (Canterbury Press, 2009)

As its title suggests, this has been written for anyone who is questioning their sexual identity or is looking for advice, guidance or support over whether or not to come out and where or with whom. One of its many positive attributes is that it draws on the lived experience of over fifty individuals belonging to every denomination from the Salvation Army to high church Anglican. Whatever the spiritual journey of the reader, they cannot fail to be encouraged by the practical, positive help on managing relationships with God, the church and other people. This is one of the few books I would feel confident to place in the hands of a young person – or his/her parents and friends.

You Are Mine: Reflections on Who We Are (book)

Alison Webster (SPCK, 2009)

This is a subtle and sophisticated exploration the importance of the divine gift of individual identity. Accepting our intended and glorious ‘one-offness’ we can then stretch out to an intimacy with others, thereby alighting the passion of God. Exploring seeming contradictions (unique and like others, consistent and in flux, etc.) that may better be seen as paradoxes, this essay in relational theology will speak to those for whom conventional religion has become stale.

We are Created by God: Exploring our Identity and Relationships (book)

Mother’s Union resource book.

These are sets of notes for four discussions and four Bible studies. They focus on marriage and cohabitation, divorce and remarriage, single and widowed, lesbian and gay sexuality. They provide a good first stage of exploration, and an accessible introduction to the study of relationships in the light of Biblical teaching.

This is a discussion Booklet focusing on the issues of: Marriage and Cohabitation; Divorce and Further Marriage; Being Single or Widowed; and being Lesbian or Gay. Using case scenarios, prayer, Biblical and statistical information, the issues are presented for people to discuss in a confidential format. The Booklet is not designed to tell readers what they should think, rather to allow them to come to their own conclusions about these issues in the context of their personal faith. There is also a Facilitators Guide for help in facilitating a group.