Bishops told to embrace civil partnerships

The time has come for a change in stance on civil partnerships is the message from pro-gay groups in the Coalition.

In its submission to the House of Bishops review group on civil partnerships, (made public today) the Coalition calls on the Church of England to allow churches to register civil partnerships, authorise services of thanksgiving and dedication, and end the ban on bishops in civil partnerships.

With over 47,000 civil partnerships registered by the end of 2010, the submission notes that “as social attitudes towards those in same-sex relationships have become increasingly open and accepting, the Church of England is becoming increasingly isolated. This is in turn damaging both our mission and our ability to provide pastoral care to those in our parishes, congregations, and clergy.” On offering civil partnerships in parish churches, the Coalition has already identified 95 churches who want to press ahead but General Synod would need to approve the application. Although negative statements have been made by the Church of England’s Press Office…

Press Release [PDF].
Coalition submission to the House of Bishops’ review group on civil partnerships [PDF].

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