East Midlands conversations

The Shared Conversations continued on 11–13 May in the East Midlands (Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Peterborough, Southwell & Nottingham dioceses).

Jeremy Pemberton’s account [Changing Attitude]
Richard Coles’ account [Changing Attitude]
Graham Rutter’s account [olem blog]
Ruth Wilde’s account [Changing Attitude]
Ann Reddecliffe’s account [Changing Attitude]

Updated 17 May: adding Richard
Updated 17 May: adding Graham
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Updated 2 August: adding Ann

Appointment of first woman as CofE bishop

Libby Lane has been announced as the first female bishop for the Church of England, just a month after a historic change to canon law. She will become the new Bishop of Stockport, a post that has been vacant since May.

Press Release [PDF].

Pat Storey was installed by the Church of Ireland as Bishop of Meath and Kildare, the first female Anglican bishop in the UK and Ireland, on 29 November 2013.

Press Release [PDF].

Transformation of civil partnerships to marriages

From today, many members of the Church of England, lay and ordained, will be able to convert their civil partnership to marriage. Jeremy Pemberton and Andrew Foreshaw-Cain will no longer be the only married gay priests in the Church of England – numbers of lesbian and gay clergy are known to be converting. The House of Bishops is confronted with the challenge of disciplining or ignoring or accepting the presence of same-sex married clergy across the country.

Women as bishops in the Church of England

On 17 November 2014 the Church of England formally approved plans for women bishops. The vote on Monday at the general synod meeting at Church House in Westminster gave the final seal of approval to the legislation, following its passage through Parliament in October. The decision has been welcomed by long-term campaigners for change, who see it as step towards widening female participation in the Church.

Members of the Coalition warmly congratulates all those who have been involved in the campaign, and gives thanks for a long overdue change.