Blessing of same-sex relationships
Services For the Blessing of Same-Sex Relationships – Changing Attitude
A Covenant of Special Friendship – Changing Attitude
A Service of Celebration Following a Civil Partnership – Changing Attitude
Sample Order of Service Following a Civil Partnership – Inclusive Church
The Blessing of Civil Partnerships: Jim Cotter – Changing Attitude
Getting it Rite: Services of Prayer and Blessing for same-sex couples – Changing Attitude

Same-sex marriage
Form of Service for a Marriage 1 – Changing Attitude

Transgender affirmation
A Service of Affirmation and Blessing for a Trans Person – Changing Attitude

House groups
Liturgy for an Agape Service used by the Sibyls Christian Spirituality Transgender Support Group

The following may also be considered:

Blessing services:
Paper by Brian Lewis – “What services are Clergy permitted to offer couples in same-sex relationships in the Church of England?”
A Right to a Rite? – The Blessing of Same-sex Couples by the Anglican Church in New Zealand – thesis by Ron Ashford
An Order for Prayer and Dedication after a Civil Marriage (House of Bishops, CofE)
“Celebrating Friendship, Love and Partnership” (a confidential resource compiled by a CofE diocese)
Service of Celebration of Partnership Covenant Chris Marlowe & John-Francis Friendship
Blessing Service Jeremy Timms
“The Niagara Rite” – Blessing & Celebration after a Civil Marriage (Diocese of Niagara)

Renaming service:
Trans Re-naming Service (from Harvard Divinity School)

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