Church in Wales approves women bishops

Women bishops will be allowed in the Church in Wales following a landmark yes vote. Bishops within the Church tabled a bill calling for the change and it was finally accepted by its governing body after a previous vote in 2008 narrowly failed. In the breakdown of the current vote, the laity voted 57 for, 14 against, with two abstentions; the clergy section saw 37 voting for and 10 against, while the bishops voted unanimously in favour.

Peggy Jackson, Archdeacon of Llandaff, Cardiff, said: “This morning I wake up in a completely different world.” yesterday’s vote “was the day discrimination against women came to an end” but she added that people from both sides of the argument had to live together.

The Church of Ireland gave approval for women bishops in 1990 when its own General Synod passed legislation to ordain women as priests and bishops. In June 2003 the Church in Scotland voted to allow women to assume the rank. Now only the Church of England remains out of step. It is hoped that the voting in the November General Synod of the Church of England will rectify what is considered by many to be a gross injustice in the Church.

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