Government’s civil partnerships on religious premises consultation

The Coalition, LGCM and Changing Attitude have submitted responses to the Government’s CP Consultation. We need as many people as possible to reinforce our arguments and we encourage you to submit your own response.

The Consultation document itself and the form are both lengthy! We have prepared brief responses to the key questions. You’re welcome to read everything and respond to all the questions but if you’re short of time, use the ideas contained in the link below to make a quick response. Change the “I” to “we” as appropriate.

Suggested responses [PDF].
The Consultation []

The deadline for responses is 23 June 2011.

Please go to this site now and send your response – it will make a difference and encourage the Government to be radical in preparing the final legislation.

Southwark failure damages Church of England

Both recent meetings of the Crown Nominations Commission to choose a new bishop for the Diocese of Southwark have been the subject of serious leaks to a newspaper. This has resulted in huge personal pain and distress for one candidate, Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans, for the second time in seven years. It is particularly outrageous that some senior church officials have suggested the leaks were engineered by supporters of Jeffrey, rather than by those opposed to his nomination.

Press Release [PDF].