East Midlands conversations

The Shared Conversations continued on 11–13 May in the East Midlands (Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Peterborough, Southwell & Nottingham dioceses).

Jeremy Pemberton’s account [Changing Attitude]
Richard Coles’ account [Changing Attitude]
Graham Rutter’s account [olem blog]
Ruth Wilde’s account [Changing Attitude]
Ann Reddecliffe’s account [Changing Attitude]

Updated 17 May: adding Richard
Updated 17 May: adding Graham
Updated 20 May: adding Ruth
Updated 2 August: adding Ann

Shared conversations: resource booklets

Entitled Grace and Disagreement, the resource booklets for use in the shared conversations have been published online: ChurchOfEngland.org.

The first booklet

Booklet 1 – Thinking through the process [PDF] – outlines the thinking behind the conversations, the process and their place in the life of the church.
Booklet 2 – A Reader: Writings to resource conversation [PDF] – comprises four essays, including two on scripture, which participants in the conversations are asked to read.